Affliction's Atencio Speaks PPV Buys…Second Affliction Promotion in October?

Written by Tim Ngo
July 23rd, 2008

Affliction Entertainment VP, Tom Atencio, is suggesting that this past Saturday’s “Affliction: Banned” Pay-Per-View easily exceeded the estimate of 100,000 buys. Altough he wouldn’t divulge the exact number of buys, he stated that they did “well over” the projected number. Also, word is that Affliction is closing in on a deal to have their second promotion in October instead of November. The kicker is, it will be at the Thomas and Mack Center, right smack in the UFC’s back yard. 

“I never really give numbers, and I’m not going to give numbers,” Atencio told MMAJunkie.com. “I know the UFC doesn’t. But we did well over 100,000 (Pay-Per-View buys). I know a lot of people were expecting us to do only about (50,000) or maybe tops 75,000. So I know that we exceeded everybody’s expectations, and I’m real happy with the numbers.”

We did find out that the reported $2.1 million that Affliction Entertainment initially announced for their live gate sales was a little inflated because they had purchased some tickets for friends and family of the fighters, as well as VIPs in attendance, however, that was a very small percentage.

Between the gate sales and PPV buys, the start up organization couldn’t have asked for a better start, especially since everyone expected them to fall on their faces.

“We needed to come out of the gates guns-a-blazing, and that’s what we did,” Atencio added. “We made a splash. We did something that nobody else has been able to do, and that’s come out in our first show and make ourselves noticed. We did that.”

Also, MMAWeekly.com is reporting that Affliction is on the cusp of finalizing a deal that will have them putting on another promotion on October 11th, instead of the November 8th date that was first rumored. In addition to that, they are planning on having the event at the Thomas and Mack Center, dead smack in the center of Las Vegas, Nevada, where the industry leader, the UFC, has reigned supreme for years.

Atencio would not confirm the report, however he said that he wouldn’t rule it out either. What’s favoring an October card is the fact that the organization’s prize possession, Fedor Emelianenko, has already stated that he would like to fight two more times before the year is up.

He has already stated that one of those will be for Dream in Japan on New Year’s Eve, and an early October show would give the WAMMA champion plenty of time to recover and prepare for the Japan card.

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