Michael Bisping Says Anderson Silva is "Not Unbeatable"

Written by Tim Ngo
July 28th, 2008

UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping recently spoke to the UK’s Sun, and although he praised Silva’s recent run in the UFC, it sounds more like he’s setting up the showdown that the UFC is aiming towards. “Anderson’s run is not going to go on forever,” Bisping proclaimed.

Bisping has looked extremely good since moving down to middleweight and it seems as though the UFC is aiming at having Bisping and Silva fight for the middleweight title in the near future.

With the possibility that Anderson Silva could be fighting on UFC 89 in England as opposed to UFC 88 in Atlanta, English fans could be getting a glimpse of both Bisping and Silva on the same card for the last time before they actually square off against one another.

Although Bisping didn’t say that he personally was going to be the one to stop Silva in his tracks, he did say, “the guy’s doing what he needs to do and is doing it fantastically but he’s not unbeatable.”

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