Robbie Lawler’s Law

Written by Tom Ngo
July 24th, 2008

Current EliteXC middleweight champion, Robbie Lawler, will be defending his title against Scott Smith this Saturday on Elite’s CBS promotion. If it seems like déjà vu, well it is. In case you forgot, these two fought in a classic bout which was ruled a no contest due to an inadvertent poke to Smith’s eye.  Lawler is looking to settle things once and for all this time around.

“Really, I don’t care,” Lawler told MMAWeekly.com about facing the same opponent again. “I look at it as a new fight, and I kind of look at it as we’ve never fought before and I’ll be ready to go.”

In their first meeting in May, the fight would have been very close to call if it had gone to the judges’ scorecards. Lawler won the 1stRound, Smith the 2ndRound and the 3rdRound was up for grabs.

As the two were slugging it out, Lawler accidentally poked Smith in the eye and the doctor on sight ruled for the fight to end. The doctor had asked Smith if he could see or not, and Smith had replied, “No, but give me a minute.”

Unfortunately, Smith was unaware that as soon as you inform the doctor that you can’t see, they must air on the side of caution and not allow the fight to continue. Smith was under the impression that he was allowed five minutes to recover, as he normally would for an illegal blow. An eye poke does not fall under that same category.

Either way, Lawler has already put that bout behind him and is ready to move on. This time, he will look to end this fight and leave no controversy about who is the champion. That is why this Saturday’s EliteXC event is appropriately titled, “Unfinished Business.”

“I’m focusing on this next fight and I don’t care how that last one went,” Lawler stated. “I just need to go out there and get the job done on Saturday.”

This is a very mature attitude for a fighter that has had his issues in the past. Through the years it seems that Lawler has matured quite a bit, and understands the sport and his role in it much better.

“More bouts under my belt, just training a little harder, a little smarter and working on aspects and working on the mental game,” Lawler commented on his growth and maturity in the sport.

Credit can also go to his teammate and UFC legend Matt Hughes. The two recently started the H.I.T. Squad Gym in St. Louis, Missouri, where Lawler is an instructor.

Lawler will be looking to teach Smith another lesson or two on Saturday as well.

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