Junie Browning: “I Have a Lot of Problems”

Written by Marc Doche
October 16th, 2009

Controversial lightweight Junie Browning is speaking out for the first time since his alleged altercation with several nurses inside a Henderson, Nevada hospital. The nurses were trying to treat the fallen fighter for an apparent drug overdoes last week.

“Stuff gets a little more complicated than it seems to be when you read it on paper,” Browning told Fighters Only. “I have a lot of problems and I’m working on them. That’s just about all I can really say… I’m truly sorry for what happened, and if I could take it back I definitely would.”

According to reports, the former “The Ultimate Fighter” was arrested last Tuesday night after he reportedly assaulted three nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital.

The logical question is, what was Browning doing at the hospital in the first place? Well, the report states that he was rushed to the emergency room by a couple of friends after he had taken 16 Klonopin pills.

Klonopin is normally used to treat seizure disorders and panic attacks. It acts as a calming agent on the brain and nerves.

The Henderson Police Department confirmed that Browning did indeed overdose on pills, and from the preliminarily looks of things, attempted to hurt himself.

Once at the hospital, Browning went CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs as he was belligerently yelling, “Do you know who I am? I will kill and rape your families,” to the hospital staff throughout his fabulous stay.

Sources close to the situation have told 5thRound.com that Browning had recently broken up with his girlfriend and that is what started his current downward spiral. To make matters worse, the UFC handed him his walking papers after his most recent legal woes.

No word on what’s next for Browning as far as fighting in the cage or courtroom, however it is crystal clear that this mental-midget needs time away from competition in order to fight his inner demons.

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