Ngo-stradamus calls UFC 78

Written by Tom Ngo
November 17th, 2007

 The world knows Nostradamus as the man that predicted many major world events.  His prophecies are undeniable and have created quite the cult following.   Well 5thRounders, Ngo-stramanus will look to do the same thing, but in the context of the MMA world.   Coming off a successful round of predictions at UFC 77, going and impressive 4-1, with my only loss handed down by Tim Sylvia, but there was no way that I could rout for Sylvia. Well, you can’t win ‘em all, but I will certainly try this time around. Let the proclamations begin.   

Joe Doerksen (+105) vs. Ed Herman (-135)

 When Herman was on The Ultimate Fighter Reality show, many thought that he was head and shoulders above his peers, especially Herman. After losing his first two UFC fights, he seems to have found his way, coming off his most recent impressive win over MMA veteran Scott Smith.

 Doerksen is a wily MMA vet who has pretty much seen it all, including Herman once before. Many don’t know, but Herman is looking to avenge his loss to Doerksen via triangle choke over four year ago. I look for Herman to come out aggressive and keep this fight standing. The longer he is able to keep Doerksen up, the more punishment he will be able to inflict on him. As we saw in his last fight, Doerksen has a weak stand-up game, getting knocked out by the hands of a top ranked Middleweight Paulo Fihlo, who also has questionable hands to say the least.   Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Herman by 2nd Round T(KO)  

 Houston Alexander (-165) vs. Thiago Silva (+135)

 Alexander has come out of the UFC gates smoking, knocking out both of his opponents in impressive fashion, including rising UFC star Keith Jardine. This will be the third fight in the UFC for both of these fighters and even though both have outstanding records, a loss here could set their careers back quite a bit, especially Alexander due to his victory over Jardine. This could very well be one of the most exciting fights of the night as both fighters love to bang. I will go out on a limb here and take Silva for the upset, bumping him up to a perfect 12-0 record.

 Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Silva by 3rd Round T(KO)  

 Spencer Fisher (-105) vs. Frankie Edgar (-125)

 Fisher being an underdog kind of takes me by surprise.  Sure Edgar is 8-0, with his most impressive victory to date coming over Tyson Griffin, however Fisher is no slouch himself compiling a 20-3 record, winning 11 out of his last 13 fights.Edgar has had three of his fights handed to him by the judges, and he better be careful against Fisher because Fisher is always looking to finish fights.  In fact 18 of his 20 victories  never even saw the judges’ scorecards.   If Edgar continues his unaggressive style, he may not get the opportunity to see what the judges think.

 Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Fisher 2nd Round (T)KO  

 Karo Parisyan (-450) vs. Ryo Chonan (+300)This fight is probably the fight that I am most anxious to see. If Parisyan can win, look for him to finally get a shot at the Welterweight title, facing the winner of the GSP/Matts’s fight. Chonan will be making his UFC debut, looking to improve upon the unimpressive record that his previous Pride counterparts have compiled since their entrances into the UFC. 5thRound.com had an opportunity to watch Chonan prepare for this fight, while we were visiting Team Quest in Temecula, CA. Chonan looked sharp and hungry, but clearly needs help on his ground game, hence him deciding to train with the established Team Quest.If Chonan can keep this fight standing, he will have a great opportunity to win, as Diego Sanchez did against Parisyan.  However, Parisyan is a top ranked WW, and look for him to exploit Chonan’s suspect ground game and overwhelm him with his superior Judo.

 Ngo-stadamus predicts: Parisyan Unanimous Decision 

 Rashad Evans (-330) vs. Michael Bisping (+260)

 “The Main Event” isn’t too eventful in my opinion.  This would not be a bad under card on other UFC PPV’s, but a tough sell as to why I should spend 40 of my hard earned dollars to watch this fight. Both are solid up and coming fighters, Evans had an impressive outing his last time out, however was only able to push Tito Ortiz to a draw.  Bisping survived by a judges miracle, keeping his perfect MMA record intact “beating” Matt Hamill in his last trip into the Octagon. This match will be determined on which fighter can impose their will on the other. Evans will look to use his improved stand up engaging Bisping just enough to set up a takedown.  Bisping will do all he can to keep this fight up, however his stand up looked far inferior to Hamill’s, who comes from a wrestling only background.

 Evans may not be the wrestler that Hamill is, but he certainly has better hands.  Taking that into account, Bisping had better of improved his stand up, otherwise he is going to be exposed even further this fight. Evans is hungry and on a mission to prove that he deserves a title shot soon rather than later.

Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Evans 2nd Round (T)KO  

 And those are Ngo-stradamus’s calls for UFC 78.  Make sure to watch the fights and support MMA.  Check back to on 5thRound.com as we will reveal the results of the matches, and compare them to Ngo-stradamus’s predictions.  I foresee another successful round of proclamations.

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