Scott Smith Gets a Second Chance

Written by Tom Ngo
July 25th, 2008

It has been two months since EliteXC middleweight, Scott Smith, had his championship hopes taken away in the blink of an eye. Actually, by a poke of the eye. Smith and current champion, Robbie Lawler, were putting on a classic bout when Lawler accidentally poked Smith in the eye, putting a medical stop to the fight.

Smith now looks to capitalize on his second chance at becoming the EliteXC champion this Saturday at EliteXC’s “Unfinished Business.” And even though the rematch is only two months removed from the original, it couldn’t have come any sooner for Smith.

“I kind of knew it was coming. I’m glad neither of us had another fight in between,” Smith said at the pre-fight press conference. “There’s always a chance of injury and this is some unfinished business we have to take care of.  And I don’t want to take the chance of it not happening. So I’m really glad it is happening as soon as it is. I didn’t think it would be as quick. But I figured it would be both of our next fights.”

Often times, a fast turnaround can wear down a fighter, not giving his body the appropriate time to rest and heal. This is an issue that Smith is not worried about, especially when you are as hungry to get another shot as he is.

“It’s perfect for me,” Smith proclaimed. “It doesn’t give me a chance to get fat and out of shape…I never had a chance to get in shape. Instead of starting my training camp out by getting into shape and usually I take a couple weeks to get into shape…I’m starting out my camp by learning and staying in shape. So I’ll be a better fighter this time now.”

In their first battle, Lawler dominated the 1stRound, however, Smith was able to bounce back in the 2nd. The 3rdRound was up in the air, and then came the fateful eye poke. Even though Smith preformed fairly well, he knows that he will, and can do better the second time around.

“I made some big mistakes in that fight,” Smith stated. “Obviously, in the first round of the last fight Robbie kicked my butt. And I felt throughout the fight I improved a little bit. And I’m just trying to keep that going and be ready for Saturday night as a different, better fighter.”

Who says you never get a second chance?

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