Cub Swanson Clears the Air About Jose Aldo Comment

Written by Tom Ngo
October 4th, 2012

UFC Cub Swanson WEC

Last week, Cub Swanson (Pictured) proclaimed he would beat reigning UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo “10 out of 10 times if we did it again.” Most fans walking on this side of sanity thought Swanson had gone mad or was referring to besting Aldo 10 consecutive times at “UFC Undisputed 3.”

As it turns out, Swanson was confused by the line of questioning and was actually talking about running Jens Pulver – NOT “Scarface.”

“We were going back and forth about different past opponents, and that was a mental error on my side,” Swanson clarified on Sherdog Radio. “I was talking about Jens Pulver, and I thought you guys had asked me about a rematch with him. That’s why I said that was a long time ago and that I had put it past me.”

Aldo added Swanson to his highlight reel footage back in June 2009. One fight later he captured the WEC 145-pound crown by dethroning Mike Brown and has been sitting atop the throne ever since (the WEC belt was subsequently transitioned to a UFC title).

Aldo is perfect through his past 14 scraps, a dominant run spanning over six years.

Swanson was submitted by Pulver in December of 2007. Pulver has won only four of his last 13 fights, so perhaps that’s why Swanson believes he would run the table if given 10 more cracks at the 37-year-old.

In any event, Swanson wanted to clear the air regarding the misunderstanding. He knows his current three-fight winning streak doesn’t make him invincible.

“People want to be quick to remind you of what happened, but I feel like I’ve earned the respect to get another shot,” Swanson added. “It sucks getting people talking crap to you for something you didn’t say or didn’t mean to say. I just don’t want to be seen as somebody who’s a cocky jerk.

“I’m going to say that I’m confident in my ability, but I’m not ignorant [enough] to say that I’m going to demolish every fighter out there and that nobody has a chance against me. That’s not me.”

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