Jay Hieron Waiting to Hear on His Future

Written by Tom Ngo
July 28th, 2008

MMA veteran, and current IFL welterweight champion Jay Hieron, is playing the waiting game, much like the rest of the MMA world. We have already confirmed that the IFL will be officially closing its doors come July 31st, however nobody at the moment can confirm with 100% certainty who has purchased the financially challenged organization…wink, wink, the UFC. More importantly for Hieron, he wonders where his rejuvenated career goes from here.

“I’m under contract with (the IFL),” the 15-4 Hieron told Tagg Radio. “I’m waiting to hear something. It is what it is with this stuff. That’s part of the game.”

Hieron really excelled during his time with the IFL, compiling an impressive 7-2 record, with his most recent win coming over Mark Miller in April. Hieron credits the IFL for allowing him a platform to get his MMA career back on track, however he also states that his dedication to the mental aspect of the fight game has certainly helped as well.

“I started working on my mental skills,” Hieron stated. “I think that was the only part of my game I really wasn’t paying attention to. Once I started working on that, I started doing real well for myself.”

It also doesn’t hurt that he trains with one of the best MMA camps in the world at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I train with the best guys in the world, and I train just as hard as everybody else,” said Hieron. “I can’t control any of (the IFL’s financial struggles). If I start stressing out, it’s going to show in my game.”

Hieron will continue training hard to perfect his MMA game while he waits for his current IFL contract to expire on December 29th of this year. However, it has been frustrating for him to sit back and watch his former IFL co-workers such as; Rory Markham, Brad Blackburn and the Miller brothers, Dan and Jim, sign multi-fight contracts with the UFC.

Hieron knows that he just has to be patient, his time will definitely come…again.

“Everything goes in circles,” Hieron said. “It’s everybody else around me’s time, and it’s cool. My time will come back around again.”

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