UFC 78: Validation Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
November 17th, 2007

Many MMA fans thought that UFC 78: Validation was a glorified Ultimate Fight Night, as suspected those fans weren’t proven wrong by the fighters. Don’t get me wrong, there were some exciting moment but nothing to remember. This was the first time that Ultimate Fighter Champions faced off against each other, and we also got the chance to see if Houston Alexander was the real deal or just another Light Heavyweight. Make sure you check out the full results to see what happened on tonight’s Pay-Per-View.

UFC 78 Results:


– Akihiro Gono (28-12-7) def. Tamden McCrory (8-1-0) by Armbar Submission in the second round
– Marcus Aurelio (15-5-0) def. Luke Caudillo (13-9-0) by TKO (Strikes) in the first round
– Joe Lauzon (16-3-0) def. Jason Reinhardt (18-1-0) by Rear Naked Choke in the first round
– Thiago Alves (13-3-0) def. Chris Lytle (24-15-5) by TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) in the second round

Televised Bouts:

Frankie Edgar (8-0-0) def. Spencer Fisher (20-4-0) by Unanimous Decision

Spencer “The King” Fisher was the favorite going into the fight against hometown hero Frankie Edgar, but it was Edgar who showed that he was the veteran. Fisher was taken down repeatedly and controlled for three rounds. Everytime the fight was on their feet, Edgar was able to get it to the ground at will. Before the fight, Joe Rogan made a comment about Fisher’s biggest weakness which was his takedown… And he WASN’T kidding! Frankie Edgar won this fight easily as Fisher took a HUGE step backwards in his quest towards the top of the Lightweight Division.

Ed Herman (14-5-0) def. Joe Doerksen (39-11-0) by TKO (Punch) in the third round

Ed Herman has been less than impressive since Dana White awarded him a six figure contract after falling short against 5thRound.com favorite Kenndall “Da Spyder” Grove. Well tonight he definitely proved that he belonged as he was able to control Doerksen for much of the first two rounds. Doerksen proved why the UFC promoted him to the big show from the WEC as he almost submitted Herman with both an armbar and triangle the end of the second round as only the bell saved the former Ultimate Fighter. Herman came out in the third round rejuvenated as he knocked out Doerksen in the third round with a nice right-left combo.

Karo Parisyan (18-5-0) def. Ryo Chonan (14-8-0) by Unanimous Decision

Educated MMA fans knew going into this fight that Parisyan was far more talented then the experience Chonan as an MMA fighter, but Chonan was game he was willing to exchange with Parisyan, but Parisyan was able to take down Chonan and racked up rounds as the fight went along. Chonan only landed a few nice strikes, but it allowed Parisyan to close the distance and taken down Chonan. Not a lot to discuss about this fight as Parisyan moved one step closer towards a Welterweight title shot.

Thiago Silva (12-0-0) def. Houston Alexander (8-2-0) by TKO (Strikes) in the first round

Houston Alexander could’ve catapulted himself into the top 5 of the UFC’s Light Heavyweight Division, but he was put up against a tough Chute Boxe fighter in Thiago Silva. The two Light Heavyweights stood and exchanged in the clinch until Silva was able to take down Alexander and proceeded to obtain the full mount position. From there, Silva rained down strikes to the defenseless Alexander who looked out of his element on his back when the referee stopped the bout in the biggest upset of the night. Silva moves up the Light Heavyweight ladder as Alexander looks primed for a rematch against Keith Jardine in a fight that could put him in on the brink of undercard status.

Rashad Evans (11-0-1) def. Michael Bisping (14-1-0) by Split Decision

This fight proved why MMA fans and experts were right when they voiced their displeasure in the main event of this “Pay-Per-View”. Evans was able to take Bisping down and hold him there to steal points as Bisping tried feverishly to prove himself after a controversial victory over Matt Hamill. Evans looked gassed during the second round of the fight, but was able to suck it up and continue to rack up the points against Bisping. Not a lot to discuss about this fight, except for the fact that it should’ve been a Unanimous Decision for Evans, but he took a Split Decision instead. A win is a win in Mixed Martial Arts, and Evans took that win.

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