Dana White Not Surprised by Bellator’s Marketing Tactics

Written by Tom Ngo
December 16th, 2012

UFC Dana White

Marketing 101 preaches for companies to advertise where their target market will be. If you’re looking to get the word out on a groundbreaking cooking product, put your ads on the Food Network. If a brand new toy is set to hit store shelves, the Disney Channel is where you want to plaster your bright and shiny gadget.

That’s why UFC president Dana White (Pictured) isn’t the least bit surprised his stateside rival, Bellator Fighting Championships, has bought out commercial spots during UFC broadcasts.

“Wouldn’t you?” White responded following Saturday’s post-fight press conference. “They’re doing the stuff they feel they have to do to get some recognition or whatever.

“I don’t blame them. I would, too, if I was them. I’d be looking at everything I could to try to make myself look like the UFC or try to advertise anywhere near the UFC. I don’t blame them.”

Several MMA fans were caught off guard when they saw Bellator promoting their 2013 transition to Spike TV during a commercial break on last Saturday’s “UFC on FOX 5” broadcast. Some might think FOX would block their partner’s rival from marketing their show on their network, but White explains Bellator went through the backdoor to get their message across.

“What you can do is what [Bellator’s] doing, you can go in locally and buy local advertising,” White added. “[The local markets], it’s not a big deal [to them]. More power to [Bellator]. I don’t blame them.”

Bellator will be moving from MTV2 to Spike TV, the Octagon’s former home, beginning in January.

Speaking of home…

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