Shaw and DeLuca Resign from EliteXC

Written by Tom Ngo
July 29th, 2008

After months of speculation, both Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer Doug DeLuca, and EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw, have resigned from their positions with ProElite, Inc., the parent company of Elite Xtreme Combat. Their resignations were confirmed with their filings with the Securities Exchange Committee.

FiveOuncesofPain.com first reported the resignations, and stated that both Shaw and DeLuca will continue to work with ProElite as “consultants.”

Shaw’s “Gary Shaw Promotions” currently has a signed consulting agreement with ProElite through September 30, 2009. Shaw’s resignation is not much of a surprise, as we reported on July 11th Shaw was going to step down from his current roll and take on a more behind the scenes position with the company.

It was rumored that CBS brass didn’t agree with Shaw’s management skills, and his ability to take the promotion where it needed to go.

DeLuca’s consulting services will be made available through his company “Legacy of Life Entertainment.”

Both Shaw and DeLuca had been with the company since its 2006 inception.

After EliteXC’s second CBS event this past weekend turned out to be a ratings disaster, ProElite must have felt the pressure to make these immediate changes. The initial overnight television ratings for EliteXC’s “Unfinished Business” was a mere 1.9, roughly 2.6 million viewers. That is a 40% drop from their CBS debut, which drew in 4.3 million viewers.

Shaw and DeLuca are not the only ones that will be leaving the company, as Board of Directors David Marshall and Kurt Brendlinger will be joining them in their departure. Their vacancies on the board will be filled by Edward C. Hannah, Edward Corey and Robert E. Brierley.

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