Benson Henderson Destroys Nate Diaz at ‘UFC on FOX 5’

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
December 8th, 2012

UFC Benson Henderson

A lightweight title affair between champion Benson Henderson (Pictured) and Nate Diaz headlined Saturday’s “UFC on FOX 5” broadcast. 

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Key Arena in Seattle, Washington hosted tonight’s festivities.

Betting Line:

Favorite (-) Underdog (+)

Benson Henderson -160
Nate Diaz +130

Here is the play-by-play from Henderson vs. Diaz:


Henderson misses on a leg kick and Diaz clinches him against the cage. Some knees to the thighs by Diaz. Henderson trying to drag him to the mat. Diaz lands an elbow to the head as they separate. Henderson trips him to the ground and is standing over him calculating his attack. Some decent shots on the canvas from Bendo. Diaz gets to his feet. Henderson takes his legs out with a leg kick.


Henderson trips him to the mat and is unloading some nice punches. Diaz gets to his feet, but eats a head kick on the way up. The champ has him clinched against the fence. Henderson is now jabbing Diaz’s lead leg. He used the unusual strikes to floor Diaz with an overhand left. Henderson followed up with some punches on the ground before Diaz got to his feet.


Henderson continues to punish Diaz’s lead leg with kicks. Diaz eats a straight right hand. Henderson easily secures a takedown. Diaz attempted a kneebar from off his back, though gets punched in the grill for his troubles. Henderson is now standing over him picking his punches. Diaz tries multiple leg submissions from his back. Diaz flips him off while attempting his submissions. They are back to their feet. Diaz taunts him and gets floored with a right. Henderson is giving him the business.


Henderson immediately scores a takedown. Diaz gets to his feet for a second, but gets slammed right back down. “Smooth” is simply smothering him on the canvas. Henderson stood over him landing some kicks and punches to the legs for the final two minutes.


Diaz’s right eye is swollen. Henderson has done a masterful job of using kicks and clinching to eliminate Diaz’s reach and boxing advantages. Henderson slams him to the ground with the greatest of ease. Henderson is bringing the pain. Diaz flips him off again while on his back. They are back to their feet. Henderson tags him with a head kick.

Official Result:

Benson Henderson Defeated Nate Diaz via Unanimous Decision (50-43, 50-45, 50-45) (Henderson retains UFC lightweight title)

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