Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez Healthy Heading Into Rematch, Unlike Last Time

Written by Tom Ngo
December 20th, 2012

UFC Heavyweight Cain Velasquez

Earlier this week, a video showing Cain Velasquez (Pictured) tearing the ACL in his left knee during a practice session just 14 days before last year’s knockout loss to Junior dos Santos went viral.

The November event was the UFC’s debut on FOX and the heavyweight title tilt was the only bout featured in the live broadcast, so the pressure was on both men to keep the appointment.

Speaking of needing two to tango, dos Santos also entered the Octagon with an injured knee that night. So I guess we’ll call it even?

“I don’t think it was the best decision, but you know, I did it anyway, so it’s in the past,” Velasquez admitted during Wednesday’s conference call. “Junior was hurt, and I was hurt, as well, so we’re just guys who get in there and fight.”

Obviously, both injuries were held under lock and key prior to showtime, and that’s why Velasquez remained a steady favorite to retain his crown. However, now that Velasquez’s more significant wound has been brought to light, many pundits are discrediting dos Santos on the greatest accomplishment of his career because he didn’t dethrone a healthy champion.

“Cigano” begs to differ because both entered the cage at less than their best, and who’s to say Velasquez’s injury was more significant than his?

“Cain Velasquez got an injury at that time, I got an injury at that time, too,” dos Santos countered. “But during the fight, he kicked me a lot – like seven times in a minute. When I saw a good opening, I enjoyed that moment.

“I’m not upset about [what the critics say], I think it’s part of their mentality.”

Dos Santos vs. Velasquez II goes down at UFC 155. Both 265-pounders claim to be 100 percent healthy heading into next Saturday’s shootout.

If they weren’t, it’s not like they would say anything anyway…

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