Cain Velasquez Trounces Junior dos Santos to Recapture Crown at UFC 155

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
December 29th, 2012

UFC Heavyweight Cain Velasquez

A heavyweight title tilt between champion Cain Velasquez (Pictured) and Junior dos Santos headlined Saturday’s UFC 155 pay-per-view broadcast.

MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted tonight’s festivities.

Betting Line:

Favorite (-) Underdog (+)

Cain Velasquez +155
Junior Dos Santos -190

Here is the play-by-play from dos Santos vs. Velasquez:


As promised, Velasquez comes out much more aggressive in the rematch. He scores a takedown, but dos Santos gets right back up. Velasquez has since tried three takedowns and has come up empty. Solid left hand by dos Santos. The champ is trickling blood from his nose. Velasquez really working his jab. Velasquez drops him with a right and pounces. Dos Santos is eating numerous shots to the dome, but nothing too devastating on the ground. “Cigano” survives the round.


Velasquez picks up right where he left off. Velasquez comes out firing and immediately scores a takedown. Dos Santos gets back up for a brief moment. Dos Santos fights to his feet, but is dazed and confused. Velasquez resumes his mauling with another takedown. Dos Santos gets to his feet, though is led right back down. He tosses Velasquez off and almost gets caught in an armbar. They are back standing. Dos Santos has nothing to offer.


Dos Santos’ mug is jacked. It appeared as though he had some more pep in his step, but Velasquez secures another easy takedown. Dos Santos battles to his feet. Velasquez nails him with a right hand. Dos Santos tags him with a knee to the midsection, then Velasquez answers with a one-two combo. Despite his staggered state, dos Santos continues to battle.


Dos Santos connects on two big body shots. Velasquez scores a brief takedown. Dos Santos gets taken down again. The heavyweights are back to their feet. Velasquez nails him with a one-two combo. Dos Santos answers with a big right hook. And another.


Velasquez eats a body shot. This fight should have ended a while ago, props to dos Santos’ warrior spirit. Velasquez lands a takedown with two minutes remaining. Dos Santos back to his feet with 50 ticks remaining. Velasquez clocks him one final time in the dome for good measure.

Official Result:

Cain Velasquez Defeated Junior dos Santos via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-43, 50-44) (Velasquez captures UFC heavyweight title)

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