Do or Die for Brock Lesnar

Written by Tom Ngo
August 7th, 2008

Considering that this is only his third professional MMA bout, does anyone else have more pressure to win than UFC heavyweight, Brock Lesnar? Most people are granted a grace period when they start a new profession, however, when you enter with as much hoopla as Lesnar has, the time to produce is now.

Although Lesnar was an accomplished collegiate wrestler at the University of Minnesota, that does not necessarily mean that he would experience the same type of success as a mixed martial artist. Coupling that with his stint in the WWE as a professional wrestler certainly won’t get people in his corner either.

True, MMA fighters feel that he may be disrespecting them and the sport. These are guys that have dedicated their entire lives to the sport, and along comes this professional wrestler that is fed with a golden spoon. Lesnar immediately leapfrogs the smaller organizations that even the best have had to prove themselves in, and here he is competing against the best in the world without having to pay his dues?

That certainly won’t fly with fighters or the fans, and Lesnar knows it. So his solution is simple. Win.  

“I have to win,” Lesnar stated. “Nobody likes a loser.”

And currently, not too many UFC fans like Lesnar. After his UFC debut resulted in a 1stRound loss to Frank Mir at UFC 81, Lesnar was bombarded with boos from the fans as he conducted his post-fight Octagon interview.

Although most would be slightly embarrassed by losing so quickly in a fight, Lesnar seems unfazed, even in denial of his submission loss to the former UFC heavyweight champion.

“I feel like I didn’t lose that fight, and were gonna erase that disappointment with a victory with my next fight,” said Lesnar. “This loss to Frank Mir, by all means, hasn’t taken any confidence out of me, as you can tell.”
Lesnar takes his unshakable confidence into UFC 87 this Saturday against another MMA veteran, Heath Herring. Once again, he knows that he will be at a disadvantage if he gets taken down and has to defend from his back. He might even be the lesser fighter in the stand up game, but Lesnar is up to the challenge.
“I’m hungry to win in the Octagon,” he said. “And I’m gonna fight tooth and nail to do everything to win. I’ve got a lot to prove yet. This fight next, hopefully I can showcase it.”

In speaking about his game plan, of course the wrestler is going to focus on what is familiar to him.
“I’m confident in my wrestling. I’m confident I can take any heavyweight down,” Lesnar said. “To me (this fight) it’s to make a statement. That I am capable of going in the Octagon and winning.”

Although confident in his ability to walk away victorious on Saturday, Lesnar would not guarantee a win. However, he did promise one thing, “There’s one thing that this fight won’t be, is boring. I guarantee that.”

Another loss here, and fans would consider Lesnar an overrated bust. I guarantee that.

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