Jon Jones Squashes Beef with Chael Sonnen

Written by Tom Ngo
January 18th, 2013

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones1

In mixed martial arts, archenemies tend to squash their beefs after going to battle. However, it appears reigning UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones (Pictured) has already sifted through Chael Sonnen’s facade and determined Uncle Chael ain’t that bad of a guy.

After being forced to be in the same vicinity of each other for three months filming “The Ultimate Fighter 17″ as opposing coaches, Jones quickly discovered there are multiple sides to Sonnen. When they fight April 27th, there won’t be any bad blood, but just another bout.

“My opinion of Chael has been altered a little,” Jones said on FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight. “I have realized that he is really good at putting up an act and that when he isn’t acting he is a pretty solid individual.

“I am glad I got to spend this time with Chael because my thoughts of him were pretty brutal, so he’s redeemed himself a little.”

Sonnen did everything in his power to land a title shot against Jones. Chael P. knew he needed to step his smack talk game up because he hadn’t competed in the 205-pound division in nearly seven years. So, he questioned Jones’ manhood, made references to the two females Jones had in his Bentley when he was busted for DWI at 5AM (neither of the ladies were the mother of Jones’ two young daughters), etc.

Nonetheless, it appears their feud is now water under the bridge. Perhaps we should have known they were closer to BFFs than bitter rivals when a picture of the two spending Thanksgiving together while filming TUF emerged.

The question is, how will their newfound friendship affect UFC 159‘s pay-per-view buys? Sonnen did a masterful job of single-handedly promoting a blockbuster rematch with middleweight champ Anderson Silva at UFC 148 by constantly badgering the Brazilian.

With no Medium Rare-type insults to be flung in Jones’ direction, will UFC 159 be able to generate similar success?

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