Heath Herring Hopes to be Hair-raising

Written by Tom Ngo
August 5th, 2008

Heath Herring has had quite a roller coaster career as a mixed martial artist. He has been able to compile a 28-13 record, however has won more than four consecutive bouts in eight years and has alternated wins and losses in his four UFC bouts. So if the pattern continues, Herring will be in for some trouble this weekend against Brock Lesnar at UFC 87.

Herring sure hopes that isn’t the case, as he will be facing a highly hyped fighter in only his third professional MMA bout.  Sure Lesnar was an accomplished wrestler in college, however that isn’t anything new to Herring.

“He’s not the first wrestler that I’ve fought,” stated Herring. “I’ve fought bigger wrestlers; I’ve fought stronger wrestlers. I’ve fought more accomplished wrestlers. It’s not my first rodeo. Brock Lesnar isn’t gonna bring anything that I have not seen or experienced or handled before in the Octagon.”

However, Herring knows that he needs to be on the top of his game, as Lesnar didn’t look completely outmatched in his first UFC bout. He was just caught in a knee bar due to his inexperience by Frank Mir. He knows that Lesnar will come out swinging to prove his worth to the MMA world.

“He’s gonna come out swinging like a maniac, try to Donkey Kong me on my head, like he did to Frank (Mir),” Herring said of Lesnars’ possible game plan.
Lesnar looked extremely impressive with his stand up game, catching not only Mir, but a lot off MMA enthusiasts off guard. He actually caught Mir with a couple of shots and knocked him down. He showed some powerful Ground ‘N Pound as he smashed hammer fist after hammer fist onto Mir’s face before Mir took advantage of his exposed knee.
“I hope he tries to stand with me, that would be great,” Herring said about a possible toe-to-toe showdown. “I’d love it.”
The MMA world is already against Lesnar, and Herring knows it. It’s not that Lesnar couldn’t one day improve to be a competent MMA fighter. It’s just that because of the professional wrestling career that he had prior to his career change into the MMA he has been allowed to leapfrog many other fighters that have dedicated their lives to the sport.

“(Another loss here) is the final nail in the coffin, as far as he’s concerned,” Herring said about putting an end to Lesnar’s MMA aspirations. “I’ll go out there with my crazy hair, he’ll go out there with his big head, and well go at it.”

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