‘UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz’ Pre-Fight Press Conference Live Blog

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
January 23rd, 2013

UFC Nick Diaz

If you’re interested in what UFC president Dana White, welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz (Pictured) have to say at Wednesday’s UFC 158 press conference, but don’t want to sit through 45 minutes of Q&A, no worries because we’ll sift past the mumbo jumbo and jot down the key points from today’s presser.

Please click HERE if you would like to stream the presser live.

The trio will hit the podium this morning at 10AM ET/7AM PT inside Bell Centre in Montreal to hype the March 16th shootout.

Here are the highlights from today’s media gathering (Please keep refreshing this page, as we are constantly updating the info):

The presser was supposed to start 12 minutes ago. Guess we’re running on Diaz time…

GSP and Diaz are in the house. Here we go!

MMA fashion alert: GSP in button-up shirt and slacks, Diaz donning sweater and jeans. White wearing Adidas (what, no Reebok???) sweater and jeans.

White calling UFC 158 a “welterweight tournament” because 6 of top 10 170-pounders will be competing.

GSP says he’s excited to face new challengers that have emerged during his absence.

Diaz claims media stuff isn’t that bad once you’re here, but he’d rather not. Especially since it’s so close to the fight.

Year-long layoff has been a blessing in disguise for Diaz because it has allowed him to heal up and be 100 percent for the first time entering scrap.

GSP says he’ll always be respectful entering a bout, but whatever Diaz does  or says isn’t in his control.

Diaz not really worried about ring rust, he enjoyed time to heal.

He dances around what he’ll do to avoid any marijuana issues this time around.

White unfazed by the attendance from UFC’s last show in Montreal. They still did $3.1 million at the gate.

Diaz said he ended his “retirement” because he didn’t think he’d get GSP fight right off suspension. He’s taking it one fight at a time.

Diaz is just getting the camp started, so he hasn’t brought anyone special in yet. They have good wrestlers at Gracie’s already like Jake Shields.

Diaz admits it wasn’t too professional on his part to miss “beauty pageants” last time around. Says he learned his lesson. He’s just ready to fight.

White still doesn’t care Diaz doesn’t return his texts. Their relationship is fine from his side.

GSP used to trash talking, so it’s a usual thing for him.

GSP wanted this fight because everyone wanted to see it. He could have taken Johny Hendricks, but he thought Hendricks actually lost to Josh Koscheck, so he didn’t think he was the top contender.

Diaz says he’s been promoting this fight since he was in EliteXC.

Diaz doesn’t seem as short/grumpy/hostile as he has in the past. Perhaps the year-long layoff made him miss these “beauty pageants”?

GSP says he doesn’t know what’s next after fight, strictly focused on Diaz.

He didn’t know Ronda Rousey had bashed him since he doesn’t go on the Internet. He’s flattered she thinks he’s a good looking man, she’s a good looking woman.

Diaz wasn’t impressed by GSP or Carlos Condit during their fight. He’s impressed by them as fighters, just not that night.

When asked if UFC is “taking care of him” financially, Diaz said he can’t complain. He’s here to fight.

Diaz says he never got any texts from White. He tries to respond if boss hits him up.

Funniest part of the presser: each fighter asked to say one thing they like and one thing they don’t like about the other. Diaz says he likes GSP just fine. He has nothing against him. He wants to face him because he’s the top guy. GSP says Diaz is exciting and he doesn’t like him because he wants his belt.

White says Hendricks could get next dibs if he’s impressive in victory.

Diaz isn’t worried about what GSP is doing, he’s just worried about himself.

That’s it for the media, fan question time.

White says TUF Canada happening at the end of this year.

It will be up to Rory MacDonald if he wants to fight GSP when the time comes.

That’s all, folks.

Standard face-off. Looked like GSP was willing to shake hands if Diaz extended his, but that didn’t happen.

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