Michael Bisping Issues Statement Regarding Vitor Belfort’s Testosterone (TRT) Use

Written by Tom Ngo
February 8th, 2013

UFC Michael Bisping

Say what you want about UFC middleweight Michael Bisping (Pictured), but the boisterous Brit is taking his TKO loss to Vitor Belfort like a man – despite “The Phenom’s” recently-revealed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) usage.

However, much like the rest of the mixed martial arts world has wondered over the past 48 hours: How can someone who previously tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone just seven years ago obtain a therapeutic-use exemption to legally inject themselves with testosterone as he prepares for a fight?

“As I said right after the fight, I lost because I made a mistake and Vitor took advantage of it. It sucks. I don’t like it, but that was the result. I lost. Bottom line,” Bisping wrote on his official website. “Over the past couple years, and even right before the fight, I have made my views on TRT very, very clear. I don’t feel that I need to go into depth about it again right now. All I have to add, about this specific instance, is that it is very disappointing that someone who was caught cheating with testosterone in the past, now gets to use testosterone legally.

“A well known side effect of steroids is that it reduces testosterone, so I don’t understand how it would make sense to then grant someone an exemption to then increase testosterone. All that being said, I am not here to make excuses or cry over spilled milk.”

Although TRT is authorized with a doctor’s note, the reason why most aren’t on board with the controversial treatment is simple – it’s seen as circumventing the system to get prescribed a legal performance-enhancing drug.

The cheater’s handbook for TRT suggests athletes are manipulating the regimen while preparing for a fight. They will jack up their testosterone levels beyond normal ranges in order to push their bodies to its outermost limit. As showtime steadily approaches, they will then taper off the treatment to get their testosterone back to a natural level – therefore, no flunked drug tests.

Bisping lost his shot at middleweight king Anderson Silva’s throne after eating Belfort’s shin last month. It wasn’t the first time he’s dropped a title eliminator bout. “The Count” was knocked unconscious by Dan Henderson at UFC 100 and come up short against Chael Sonnen last January.

Henderson and Sonnen are both also on TRT.

In any event, Bisping is content with putting the past in his rear-view mirror and focusing on his UFC 159 battle with Alan Belcher.

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