UFC Boss Sends Fighters Stern Warning: Many More Cuts Coming

Written by Tom Ngo
February 21st, 2013

UFC President Dana White

UFC President Dana White (Pictured) put his entire roster on high alert Wednesday when he handed 16 fighters their pink slips. Former welterweight top contender Jon Fitch’s firing caused the biggest firestorm.

White made a few things crystal clear following Thursday’s UFC 157 press conference; being a UFC fighter is a privilege and not a right of passage, the latest cutting spree is only just the beginning, and if you want to keep your job you better win or put on the performance of your life each time you take center stage.

“There’s 100 more guys that are gonna go. It’s not over,” White revealed. “We have 475 guys under contract. We have over 100 guys too many on the roster right now. What’s going to happen is, if you lose, the blood has not all been spilled yet. There’s more coming.”

Despite Fitch’s respectable résumé, his high price tag and aesthetically unappealing style of fighting ultimately sealed his fate. Speaking of perceived lay-and-pray strategies, White went off on Matt Riddle last week for his less-than-thrilling decision victory over Che Mills.

White used Riddle as an example of a fighter who should take note to his message.

“Riddle fights just like Fitch. [He] has been lately, anyway,” White stated. “He went from being super exciting to now he wants to grab your legs and hold you down.

“What you should do is try to go out and be the best in the world and you should try to go out and whup everybody’s ass and impress. It depends on how much money you want to make. If you want to go around and lay on people, how many people are beating down the door to see any of those guys fight again?”

White made no apologies for sending the unwanted to the unemployment line, but he sincerely apologized to the fighters who found out they were canned on Twitter instead of directly from the UFC.

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