Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz Have Heated Exchange on UFC 158 Media Call

Written by Tom Ngo
March 7th, 2013

UFC Welterweight Georges St-Pierre

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Typically overly polite UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre (pictured) has been forced to go to a “dark place,” and it’s all because of Nick Diaz.

Plenty was said during Thursday’s epic conference call – mostly by Diaz, so some of his tangents made sense, while other part of his rants were contradictory. After re-sifting through 45 minutes of instant classic audio, I managed to come to one conclusion; Diaz is extremely bitter St-Pierre is living a lavish and pampered lifestyle that the Stockton native isn’t able to enjoy.

“My life’s a mess, I’m not afraid to admit it,” Diaz candidly stated. “I work hard regardless, through this [expletive]. But I don’t have people toweling me off and handing me water bottles left and right, and getting my training ready for me and getting my [expletive] ready. I gotta do all that [expletive] on my own.

“That’s why I know I have to go that much harder and concentrate and do that much more because I don’t have people taking care of my money, or my financial tax obligations or whatever. All that stuff that’s important that people don’t want to talk about, I’m pretty [expletive] there because I’m too busy fighting all your fights.”

When St-Pierre was asked if he lived a pampered life, Diaz loudly jumped in before the French-Canadian could answer.

“I hope so, [expletive],” Diaz shouted. “If I had that much money I’d be [expletive] pampering myself the [expletive] up. I’d have [expletive] pampering my [expletive] left and [expletive] right. There would be [expletive] every hour on hour showing up to pamper me the [expletive] out. Period.”

Diaz clearly got under St-Pierre’s skin, because the normally cool-as-a-cucumber GSP resorted to name calling.

“Let me tell you something, uneducated fool,” St-Pierre responded. “I have not always been like this. I’ve not always been rich, I started from the bottom and I made myself. I worked very hard to be who I am right now. I know you don’t believe this because you didn’t succeed yet, and maybe you’ll never succeed in your life because I don’t think you’re smart enough to understand [what] you should do to reach that point.

“You don’t know anything about me. You think I was born rich? You have no idea where I come from. You’re not the only jealous guy who is [trying] to take my place.”

Diaz immediately interrupted and claimed he wasn’t jealous of the baddest welterweight in bare feet. After several longwinded rants, Diaz proceeded to say he has nothing against St-Pierre and that he actually likes him.


Here’s to hoping their highly anticipated scrap will be half as entertaining as today’s conference call. UFC 158 takes place March 16 inside Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

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