‘UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz’ Post-Fight Press Conference Live Blog

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
March 16th, 2013

UFC Georges St Pierre

If you’re interested in what UFC 157‘s stars have to say following their respective scraps, but don’t want to sit through 45 minutes of Q&A, no worries because we’ll sift past the mumbo jumbo and jot down the key points from Saturday’s post-fight press conference.

Click HERE if you would like to stream tonight’s presser. The athletes are expected to hit the podium at approximately 1:30AM ET/10:30PM PT.

“UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz” took place inside Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. Georges St-Pierre (pictured) defended his welterweight crown against Nick Diaz in the show’s featured fight.

Please keep refreshing this page, as we are updating the presser notes as it goes:

Packed media room, just waiting for the festivities to begin. What’s the line on whether Diaz will show up to this thing?

White reported 20,145 fans packed the arena for a live gate of $3.71 million.

Fight of Night: Hendricks-Condit Kockout of Night: Ellenberger – $50k/each.

White confirms Hendricks is the welterweight top contender.

Hendricks hurt his hand in the opening round.

White re-tells story of hand wrap controversy: Jake Shields examined GSP’s hand wraps on Diaz’s behalf. He approved it, then Diaz’s camp went back and wanted to check them out again. Commission said no because it was already approved. Commission cut them off and kept them after fight.

Condit didn’t know Hendricks’ hand was hurt.

White said GSP/Diaz feud was legit leading up to fight, despite hugs following scrap.

Hendricks believes he has the wrestling the neutralize GSP and has more punching power.

White defends GSP’s performance tonight. GSP controlled him on the ground and looked good on his feet.

Condit was expecting to lose decision, but thought there was a shot he could steal it.

White has no clue when GSP vs. Hendricks will take place.

Hendricks was impressed with GSP’s performance. He’s willing to fight him anywhere, including Montreal.

GSP is in the house. He’s happy this is over and is ready to move on to the next chapter of his career.

White knows Diaz’s antics after the bell against GSP were all part of trying to get GSP out of his game plan.

GSP is ready to take a vacation to an exotic case.

GSP thought his beef with Diaz was over, then was told Diaz said he hits like a girl and wants a rematch. So, he guesses they are back to not liking each other.

BTW – GSP and Hendricks are sitting right next to each other. Awkward…

GSP says he’ll fight whoever the UFC wants. Asked about Anderson Silva and Johny Hendricks. Says not to count Chris Weidman out against Silva.

GSP reiterates that he’s never done steroids. He’s down for Olympic-style drug testing. He’s also against TRT.

Hendricks refuses to talk trash. He just wants to show that he’s the best and the only way to do that is beat GSP.

Diaz has hit the podium. He says he would like to retire.

However, Diaz says he wants a rematch with GSP and thinks he can beat him. Believes he’s a better matchup against Anderson Silva, too.

Diaz admits he was trying to throw GSP off his game by swinging at him after the bell. He says he wasn’t trying to hit him.

Diaz says his energy was off because of the time zone changes. Wishes coaches would have said something.

Diaz says he’s never paid taxes and will probably go to jail. Not sure if he’s joking…

Diaz is wondering why GSP and Hendricks are sitting next to each other since they’re about to fight.

Diaz said he would like to see Pride rules in MMA.

Condit is down for a rematch with Diaz.

Daiz to GSP, “You don’t have punching power, no offense.”

Diaz makes some vague insinuations about GSP’s tape job. He got cut with a punch that wasn’t too hard.

That’s all, folks.

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