Rampage’s First Public UFC Appearance

Written by Tom Ngo
August 8th, 2008

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, has finally resurfaced. After dealing with mental and physical issues that stemmed from his loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 one month ago, Rampage seems to be on the road back to recovery as he attended the UFC 87 press conference yesterday.  His legal issues since his loss have been well publicized, however it is good to see the former champion is now in good health.

“Rampage lost the fight to Forrest Griffin. He hung out in Vegas for a week. He was hanging out by the pool and he was fasting. He wasn’t drinking; he wasn’t eating. He was drinking energy drinks,” UFC President Dan White said.

“He was exhausted. He had severe dehydration. And that caused something called delirium,” White added.  “Apparently they tell us he’s over it now. He is healthy, mentally and physically. He will be back in the UFC soon.”

Shortly after his loss to Griffin, Rampage found himself in the middle of a police pursuit in Orange County, California. After hitting a couple of cars before surrendering to police at gun point, Rampage was submitted to a psychiatric hospital for observation after his arrest.

“You saw what happened on TV, the problems that he had,” White continued. “They took him in for psychiatric evaluation for over 72 hours. What they came back with was that there was nothing wrong with him mentally; it was physically.”

Thankfully, those issues seem to be behind the former champion now, and because of his incident, Rampage has now gained himself a new chaperone in White.

“But that was the worst mistake I ever made, (now) I got Dana over my back all the time,” stated Rampage. “‘Did you eat? Did you sleep? Drink your water?’ It’s like I’m two years old, but it’s all good. I love Dana man. He’s the first one to really take care of me and show me love.”

Rampage has even confirmed that he is already back in thy gym training, and wanted to send out a warning to his next opponent.

“I’m training already. I got new trainers, man they’re off the chain, homie,” stated a chipper Rampage. “They teaching me how to do this here, do that there. My next opponent, you better watch out and be well.”

His mental and physical issues may be behind him, however Rampage still faces many legal issues, which got a little bit worse this past weekend as one of the drivers that Rampage struck was apparently pregnant at the time. She has since miscarried and it is believed that they will be pressing charges on the former champion. 

“Yeah, he’s got some legal issues, definitely,” stated the UFC president. “The first thing we were worried about was that Rampage was okay physically, mentally… he’s okay. Obviously, with what happened, he’s got some legal issues he’s got to deal with now. Definitely.”

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