Georges St-Pierre is Just Better

Written by Tom Ngo
August 10th, 2008

GSP is Just Better – The most anticipated welterweight showdown of the year took place yesterday at UFC 87. UFC champion Georges St-Pierre defended his belt against red hot Jon Fitch.  Many felt that Fitch was the best that the deep 170-pound division had to offer, however others felt that he is no better than a poor man’s GSP. On Saturday night, GSP showed everyone that he is clearly in a league of his own.

“Jon Fitch is very good, he’s very strong, he’s very big for a welterweight,” St-Pierre said of his opponent. “He’s been able to dominate every single one of his opponents.“

By no means were people detracting from what Fitch has been able to accomplish in his MMA career. He has had to scrap and claw for everything that he has. Perhaps, that is why nobody was denying that he should have had the first crack at GSP after he won his title, including St-Pierre.

“He’s hungry, he’s on the way up, so I’m glad the UFC gave him what he deserves,” said the champion.

However, no matter what Fitch has accomplished, and who he has beaten during his 15-fight winning streak, St-Pierre displayed another level of MMA supremacy that overwhelemed the challanger for the entire 25 minutes.

Fitch was an All-American at Purdue University, and once againt St-Pierre outwrestled an elite wrestler.  He out struck the challanger, dazing and dropping him several times throughout the fight.

After the bout, a humbled Fitch could do nothing more than sing the praises of the man that dominated him.

“So..he’s a great champ.”

Simply stated, however, powerfully true.

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