GSP Talks Title Defense

Written by Tom Ngo
August 14th, 2008

In his first welterweight title defense since becoming the undisputed champion at UFC 83, Georges St-Pierre was simply spectacular against Jon Fitch at UFC 87. Fitch was the hottest fighter in the 170-pound division, winning 15 consecutive bouts, eight in the UFC, but GSP  ran through him with very little resistance.

“I knew Jon Fitch was the toughest guy I’ve fought so far,” GSP stated at the UFC 87 post-fight press conference. “And it was my first title defense. And I [learned] from my [mistakes] before, and I was the best Georges St-Pierre I have ever been.”

The mistake that the champion is referring to is what happened to him a year and a half ago when he came in unprepared against Matt Serra at UFC 69. GSP had just come off of a dominating victory over Matt Hughes to win the title, and allowed the hype of his performance and abilities to get to his head. Serra TKO’ed St-Pierre in the 1stRound, taking away his belt.

This time around, GSP knows that he always has to prepare for an all out war, no matter what.

“A fighter is known for the war,” stated the champion. “I’m glad that I made (it) five [rounds], it give me a lot of experience, a lot of octagon time. Same thing for Jon Fitch, [we’re] both gonna come back stronger for that experience.”

As Serra taught him the first time around, winning the belt is a lot easier than defending it. A champion’s greatness  is determined on how many times he is able to successfully defend his title, and GSP intends on keeping it for a long time, welcoming all challengers.

“I want to be a real champion,” St-Pierre said. “I want to be the best in the world, and to be the best in the world you need to fight the best in the world. I want to give a shot to everybody who deserves it…I’m not a guy who (is) gonna duck people…I have courage and I can stand in front of everybody. I’m not afraid to fight nobody.”

At the tender age of 27, St-Pierre is still years away from reaching his prime. However, IF this is the best GSP will ever be, he showed Saturday night that he is light years ahead of the field. He may not be afraid to fight anybody, but everybody might be afraid to fight him.

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