The Next Brock Thing

Written by Tom Ngo
August 11th, 2008

In only his third professional MMA fight, Brock Lesnar made quite a splash with MMA fans at UFC 87. His convincing victory over MMA veteran Heath Herring showed that Lesnar may actually become a legitimate contender within the UFC’s most depth deprived division.  Perhaps, Lesnar will be “The Next Big Thing” in MMA.

Lesnar made his return to his home state of Minnesota on Saturday, where he established himself as an All-American collegiate wrestler. Since then, his career has taken many turns, from being a professional wrestler for the WWE, to auditioning to play professional football for the Minnesota Vikings, and now he has made his best case for becoming a prolific MMA fighter.

Lesnar’s wrestling ability is well known, and even in his debut for the UFC just five months ago, he showed some impressive power in his hands against former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir, knocking him down with a powerful right hand within ten seconds. He landed that same right hand against Heath Herring on Saturday night.

“I’ve been working on everything, not just the right hand,” Lesnar said at the UFC 87 post-fight press conference.  “He was expecting me to shoot at him, but I faked a shot, faked a jab, and came with a right hand and put it where I needed to put it. It was just one of those things.  I jumped back, because I was stunned for a second. It’s crazy. I’m excited.”

Lesnar’s biggest flaw is his inexperience, however he feels that it can be used to his advantage as well.

“It’s one of those things where we broke Heath Herring  down,” Lesnar said about how unknown his skills are.  “The advantage we had in our camp was Heath didn’t have any footage on me and we had everything on him. “

From the way Lesnar manhandled Herring on Saturday night, the lack of film footage on him certainly was not the reason that Lesnar won.  He showed that he has improved quite a bit in his MMA skills.  And Lesnar feels that UFC 87 was a springboard for his ascent into MMA stardom.

“Like I said, you gotta keep evolving,” stated a confident Lesnar. “This fight is in the record books already and I’m turning the page and (going) back at the gym.”

Another clear advantage that Lesnar will have in the heavyweight division is that he is a big heavyweight. He is one of the few that actually has to cut weight to make the maximum 265 pound limit. And, Lesnar used all of that weight to forge his way into the spotlight in front of his hometown.
“I think a victory anywhere is sweet,” said Lesnar. “It was really cool for Dana (White, UFC President) to bring this show and to allow me to prove myself in my home state.” 

“The Next Big Thing” may be here now.

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