Jon Jones Apologizes for Accusing Chael Sonnen of Steroid Abuse

Written by Tom Ngo
April 18th, 2013

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

Jon Jones (pictured) came under fire for refusing to acknowledge Chael Sonnen during a live face-to-face interview. However, just three days later, when his chatty challenger was nowhere in sight, he made some unfounded steroid accusations about Sonnen on “UFC Tonight.”

“People know that Chael Sonnen has done steroids throughout his whole career and that’s probably why his testosterone is low now,” Jones stated during Tuesday’s show.

The reigning UFC light heavyweight king might go back to giving Sonnen the silent treatment, because he has now issued an apology for his bold remarks.

“I had no right to accuse chael of being a career long steroid user I apologize. See what had happened was….” Jones posted on Twitter.

Sonnen’s use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been well documented, as has Jones’ stance against the medically prescribed treatment.

Uncle Chael has professed numerous times that he needs to take TRT, otherwise he will “die.” Clearly, Jones isn’t buying what Uncle Chael is selling, but “Bones” was likely advised to keep his comments to himself when facts are at a minimum and issue an apology.

The two will get to settle their beef April 27 at UFC 159. Until then, expect for Sonnen to provide all the pre-fight chatter and Jones to divert back to radio silence.

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