Strikeforce Will Offer Dan Henderson A Contract This Week

Written by Tim Ngo
October 29th, 2009

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has told Fanhouse’s “MMA Hour” that they will be offering former Pride champion Dan Henderson a contract sometime this week. Strikeforce has been courting Henderson since talks between the fighter and the UFC have come to a standstill.

Although Henderson has stated his preference is to stick with the world’s largest MMA promotion, he also feels that he should get paid as well.

Because of the UFC’s unwillingness to budge on their offer to Hendo, it’s opened the door for the California-based promotion to possibly add Henderson to their growing stable of fighters.

“I think at the end of the day the fighter wants to get paid fair,” Coker said earlier today. “We’ll probably make some type of formal offer today or tomorrow.”

He did go on to say that any reports of an impending deal between the two sides would be premature but that, “there’s good dialogue going on.”

There’s more than just friendly conversation going on as UFC president Dana White actually spotted Coker with Henderson’s lawyer at dinner together last week in Los Angeles.

“I went to dinner last night, and [Henderson’s] lawyer and Scott Coker are sitting at dinner together last night. I said, ‘What are the [expletive] odds that out of every restaurant in L.A., the one that I go to, these guys are here?” White stated.

Coker did touch on his brief encounter with White at the trendy restaurant, however it wasn’t as drama-filled as most would have thought, “When I saw Dana I said, ‘oh you know what? They’re all in town for the fight right now,'” Coker said. “It’s an awkward moment.”

How awkward? Would it be like bumping into your old girlfriend while you are trying to schmooze a new one … ?

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