Luke Rockhold Denies Fixing Fight with Vitor Belfort

Written by Tom Ngo
May 23rd, 2013

Strikeforce Luke Rockhold

Last Saturday’s fight between Luke Rockhold (pictured) and Vitor Belfort was obviously fixed – so say a handful of conspiracy theorists.

According to these very suspicious MMA observers, Rockhold gave Belfort a subtle head nod a split second before “The Phenom” unleashed a spinning heel kick that essentially end their shootout. The nod was a clear sign Rockhold was ready to eat the pre-planned highlight reel strike – so say a handful of conspiracy theorists.

Belfort has yet to address rigging the bout, but Rockhold took to his Twitter Wednesday to kill the ridiculous chatter.

“Hearing some talk about my fight with Belfort being a fix,” Rockhold tweeted. “No amount of money would make me even consider taking a fall. I got caught I lost.”

I have thoroughly examined the kick several times since this conspiracy theory came to light. While Rockhold does nod his head, it’s a motion fighters do all the time and I believe it was a coincidence that he ate the kick a moment later.

What is the benefit of fixing this particular fight? Who paid off who (Belfort to Rockhold, UFC to Rockhold)?

You be the judge:

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