When It Comes to Conduct, Dana White Will Keep Hitting UFC Fighters Where it Hurts

Written by Tom Ngo
May 24th, 2013

UFC President Dana White

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, UFC president Dana White (pictured) believes the best way to get his fighters to stay within the politically correct lines is through their wallets.

After docking two of his athletes substantial amounts of money for their insensitive remarks towards the GLBT community, most recently Nate Diaz for using the three-letter F-word, White is demanding change and he knows the most effective way to produce results.

“I am fed up with the [BS],” White stated during Thursday’s media gathering. “One thing that I have noticed is, money makes people [expletive] react real quick.

“Sorry’s great. I love a sorry here and there, sorrys are always good. It’s easy to say sorry, but when you’ve got to start forking out some cash, you start remembering a lot more.”

Some accused White of being a hypocrite for fining Diaz and Matt Mitrione for their rants when he used the F-word in public not so long ago himself. White says the difference is he now understands that certain magic words should never be uttered.

“I saw a lot of things online and things being said about when I used to word – do you think that I didn’t pay in a million different ways for saying that word?” White asked. “The difference is I’m actually really sorry for saying it.

“I am not a homophobe, whatsoever. When I said it – I have people that work for us that are gay, I have friends that are gay – it is a word that bothers them and it’s a word that shouldn’t have been said. I had the same argument that Nate had, and I don’t disagree with that argument in that I grew up in the ’80s. That was the word you used. … That’s the way it was, we’ll it’s not that way anymore. It’s an offensive word that they don’t like and people want to call it, ‘Oh, we’re bowing down to political correctness.’ No we’re not, we’re being civil human beings.”

Diaz’s defense for using the F-word is that on the mean streets of his hometown of Stockton, “f*g” is the equivalent to calling someone a wussy.

Diaz was docked $20,000 and suspended 90 days for his comment, while Mitrione was fined an undisclosed amount for blasting transgender fighter Fallon Fox.

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