Dana White Sarcastically Dubs Roy Nelson ‘The Smartest Guy on Earth’

Written by Tom Ngo
May 29th, 2013

UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson

Have you ever entered a room and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were the smartest person in there? If that’s the case, then you have never been in a room at the same time as Roy Nelson (pictured).

UFC president Dana White professes Nelson is the “smartest guy on earth.” I know, hard to believe considering “Big Country” dons a mullet, but hey, genius comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Nelson put Cheick Kongo to sleep last month at UFC 159 and makes a quick turnaround to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 161 in June. Some fans wondered why the 36-year-old was quickly ushered into another scrap in less than two months. 

Well, it’s because the UFC was under the gun since Nelson’s contract is set to expire. White’s sarcasm was oozing through his pores this past weekend when discussing Nelson’s impending free agency.

“He’s on the last fight of his deal, and we owe him a fight before his deal is done. He’s not giving us any extensions,” White said with a grin.

Here’s the interesting part, which could turn out to be ironic for Nelson. Kongo was also handed a contract extension prior to completing his deal against Nelson. Kongo declined the UFC’s offer, believing a win would give him greater negotiating power at the table.

Kongo was subsequently KO’d and the UFC was all of a sudden not interested in bringing him back.

Nelson is fully prepared to roll the dice a la Kongo, opting to play hardball with the planet’s premier MMA promotion. According to White, that’s just standard operating procedure when it comes to Nelson.

“Come on, Roy? Would he give us trouble?” White sarcastically asked. “But he’s so [expletive] smart, he’s smarter than everybody else. So, let him figure it out. Listen, and if we end up that we can’t do business together, then Roy can go do business somewhere else.

“We made an offer to him. Listen, Roy’s the smartest guy on earth. He’s a [expletive] genius this guy. So, he’ll figure out whatever his best path is … it will be good, I’m sure.”

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