Josh Thomson Claims Gay Marriage ‘Gateway’ to Incest, Pedophilia and Polygamy

Written by Tom Ngo
June 13th, 2013

Strikeforce Lightweight Josh Thomson

You know how marijuana advocates believe the drug is harmless because weed comes from the earth, while the opposition claims it’s a dangerous gateway drug? Josh Thomson (pictured) wasn’t talking about the sticky icky this week, but the UFC lightweight did find himself in a sticky situation after he professed gay marriage “opens a gateway” to incest, pedophilia and polygamy.

Thomson sparked a heated debate by posting this question on his Facebook page: “Should you be allowed to marry whoever you want? Before you answer that, should u be allowed to have more than 1 wife?”

Not too big of a deal, but things got really testy when Thomson responded to a friend who asked “Should you be allowed to decide what other sound-minded adults do with their lives?”

“I’m only asking a question,” Thomson countered. “My next question is, should siblings be allowed to marry siblings? My point is, where do you draw the line? I personally don’t care who you marry but I also am smart enough to know that it opens a gateway to men/women trying to marry young kids, siblings marrying eachother and people having multiple husbands an wives. You have to think all of these things are okay otherwise your stopping them from being happy as well which is hypocrisy. Equality doesn’t stop with gay marriage, it just starts with it.

“I’m not against gay marriage, I’m also not for it. I don’t care! I do care what it may lead to In the future once you change the definition of marriage for gay marriage. You can’t say that it doesn’t open the door way for other topics like I mentioned. I know it sounds crazy but people will bring these types of issues to the table once the definition is changed.”

Thomson, who married his wife in 2011, made it clear on several posts that he is not against gay marriage. However, some of the comments he made in his rants is what has some people riled up.

The UFC recently fined and suspended Matt Mitrione and Nate Diaz for insensitive comments they made toward the LGBT community. No word if the promotion will do anything with Thomson.

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