New York Passes on MMA … Again

Written by Tom Ngo
June 19th, 2013

UFC Lorenzo Fertitta

New York is special. You wanna know why? Because they are the only state in America with an athletic commission that won’t legalize mixed martial arts.

Alaska and Wyoming lack the necessary regulatory bodies to oversee the sport.

Despite the UFC’s aggressive campaigning efforts, which includes the backing of a blockbuster television deal with FOX, the Big Apple has decided to pass on MMA for the fifth consecutive year.

Just like in 2012, MMA wasn’t even brought to the floor for a vote this year.

As expected, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta (pictured) was none too please with once again getting shunned by the world’s largest media market. However, the co-owner of the planet’s most prestigious MMA promotion is confident they are making progress and believes it’s only a matter of time before the Octagon lands inside NYC’s famed Madison Square Garden. 

“While our disappointment cannot be overstated, our commitment to seeing New York legalize the fastest growing sport in the nation and the world is intact and undeterred. We continue to strongly believe that legalizing and regulating MMA in New York is the right thing for the state economically, the right thing for the millions of fans in New York and the right thing for the safety and benefit of the thousands of professional and amateur MMA athletes across the state,” Fertitta expressed in a statement.

“This year’s new, absurd, offensive, and completely erroneous charge used to justify the defeat of MMA legislation was that MMA is anti-woman and leads to domestic violence. This is a deception fabricated by a Las Vegas union that is recklessly and callously trying to use an important societal issue to try and punish the UFC. It isn’t honest and doesn’t work.”

The Culinary Union has been spearheading the charge against MMA for several years, primarily because of the labor issues they have with Fertitta-owned Stations Casinos in Nevada.

So, let the 2014 campaign begin!

“To paraphrase a famous movie line, we’ll be back,” Fertitta said in closing.

Oh, New York. How we long for you…

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