Meet Brett Rogers Before Fedor Does On Saturday Night

Written by Tim Ngo
November 6th, 2009

Not many casual MMA fans know who Fedor Emelianenko’s Saturday night opponent is, that is unless you’ve had your car tires repaired at Sam’s Club within the past couple years.  Rogers’ lack of fame isn’t his fault as he previously tried to put himself at the forefront of EliteXC’s “Saturday Night Fights” events on CBS, however to no avail.

If Rogers had it his way, he would’ve been the one who knocked outKevin  “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson at “EliteXC: Heat”, not Seth Petruzelli.

Following Kimbo’s struggle to defeat James Thompson at “EliteXC: Street Certified,” Rogers crashed the post-fight press conference to challenge the former YouTube fighter.

“I seen some [expletive], some garbage-ass [expletive]. I’m a heavyweight, and I feel I’m a true heavyweight. (James) Thompson? Much respect. But I’m saying it like this. Kimbo Slice, man, that was just garbage, man,” Rogers said directly to Slice’s face.

Fans were hoping that EliteXC would put the bout together for CBS’s second event, but Ken Shamrock got the nod instead, which prevented Rogers from becoming the household name, however does have a chance to rectify that tomorrow.

Rogers has put together an undefeated record (10-0), with his most recent win over Andrei Arlovski being the biggest of his career.

What’s the difference you ask? Although it’s still a main event on CBS, Fedor Emelianenko is not Kimbo Slice. The man that Rogers faces on Saturday has beaten everyone not named Brock Lesnar in the heavyweight division.

Nobody knows how great of a chance Rogers has against a fighter as refined as Fedor is, but there’s one thing we can guarantee, Rogers is not Kazuyuki Fujita.

If Rogers catches Fedor the way that Fujita did back in the day, Rogers WILL finish him.

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