Patrick Cote: "We know how to beat Anderson Silva"

Written by Tim Ngo
August 19th, 2008

Middleweight contender Patrick Cote recently spoke to the Edmonton Sun and said, “the only way to beat him (Anderson Silva) is to push the pace. Go forward all the time.” Those are strong words from a competitor who will be coming into the bout as a huge underdog. Calling out the reigning and dominating UFC middleweight champion, after he just destroyed a legitimate light heavyweight, might not be the smartest move.

Many have tried to push the pace on Anderson Silva, unfortunately those fighters have taken relentless beatings for their efforts. Silva has been able to adapt to each and every challenge and still make the fight, his fight.

There’s no doubt that Cote has knockout power, but the question is whether or not he’ll get a chance to show it at UFC 90. Silva has the advantage on the ground, so we know Cote will probably not want to test him there, knowing that his own ground game leaves a lot to be desired.

“You have to push the pace for five minutes every round. If I do that, I can catch him. I’ll take care of him,” Cote continued.

Confidence isn’t lacking, but ability will have to be proven on October 25th.

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