TJ Grant: Anthony Pettis ‘Low Class’ and ‘Dirty’ for Trying to Steal UFC Title Fight

Written by Tom Ngo
June 27th, 2013

UFC Lightweight Anthony Pettis

Nobody likes a thief, and that’s why TJ Grant can’t stand Anthony Pettis (pictured) for trying to steal his UFC lightweight title shot.

Despite UFC president Dana White’s announcement that Grant would get next dibs at Benson Henderson’s 155-pound crown, and the fact billboards for UFC 154 with both of their pictures plastered on them were already released, Pettis tried to cut in front of Grant after a knee injury forced “Showtime” out of UFC 163‘s featherweight title bout against champion Jose Aldo.

Pettis’ plea was rightfully shot down, professes Grant.

“I wish it was handled a little differently; him of all people,” Grant told ESPN UFC Podcast (transcribed by The Telegraph). “I think it was disrespectful, to do that against someone who has earned the right to fight is not right. Unfortunately he got hurt, but it was low class, I thought.

“I didn’t want to get into the whole talking thing. I got here legitimately and earned it. Ultimately, what he was saying was that he wanted my title shot which was incredibly disrespectful. It was pretty dirty.”

Pettis’ angst for a UFC title fight is understandable. Remember, he was supposed to get one after unleashing his infamous “Showtime Kick” on Henderson at WEC 53 in December 2010. Fast forward nearly three years and he still hasn’t sniffed a championship affair in the big leagues.

Pettis will be riding the pine for at least another five weeks with a wounded wheel, but the bright side for the 26-year-old is White states he’s still in line for a crack at featherweight or lightweight gold once he returns.

Grant, meanwhile, challenges Henderson for this throne August 31 in Milwaukee.

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