Anderson Silva to Act in ‘Monday Nights At Seven’ Movie

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
July 2nd, 2013

UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva

Reigning UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (pictured) and Edward James Olmos have signed on for acting roles in “Monday Nights At Seven,” a love story set against the intense world of mixed martial arts.

Marty Sader is the independent film’s leading actor, director and producer. He launched a Kickstarter campaign today to raise $500,000 in the next 30 days to secure funding for the project.

Sader and co-writer and co-producer Laura Keys, who have been seeking outside investments since 2006 with no success, are now turning to Kickstarter as their financing alternative. Sader and Keys are appealing to MMA enthusiasts and independent film supporters to raise funds for the project.

“The struggle to get the movie made has been an underdog story in itself,” said Sader. “I believe in this film and Edward James Olmos, Anderson Silva and Frank Shamrock see the heart and soul as well. With the help of Kickstarter contributions, we hope to start production on ‘Monday Nights At Seven’ in September.”

Sader scored big when legendary screen actor and Oscar nominee Edward James Olmos agreed to produce and have a supporting role in “Monday Nights At Seven.” After meeting with Sader, Olmos immediately took to the story and has been involved in the day-to-day operations ever since.

“‘Monday Nights At Seven’ is a modern take on the underdog story,” says Olmos. “It’s the human condition that is the hero in this film. By the end, you’re cheering for all the characters.”

Silv has agreed to play Sader’s close friend and training partner in the film. Silva is giving away autographed memorabilia including the walk-in shirt he wears in “Monday Nights At Seven” to lend his support. Silva’s personalized items will be among the top prizes offered to people who contribute funds through Kickstarter.

“‘Monday Nights At Seven’ is going to be an incredible film and I know MMA fans will love it,” said Silva. “I am asking everyone in the MMA community to watch our Kickstarter video and join me in supporting Marty Sader and this film. Ossss!”

Former UFC champ Frank Shamrock is the executive producer of the film. He also has pledged autographed memorabilia from his personal collection for the Kickstarter campaign, as well as a one-on-one training session with him.

“‘Monday Nights At Seven’ captures the magical bond between a father and daughter while exploring the deepest human emotions: love and fear,” said Shamrock. “This film will capture the truth, in the cage and out, of a man whose dreams are our own, whose fears are our own, and one who does something about it.”

In an unprecedented move to capture the authenticity of the sport on film, Sader will be stepping into the cage as his character, but fighting an opponent for real. “Monday Nights At Seven” marks the first time in movie history that an unscripted, un-choreographed, actual MMA fight – with no predetermined outcome – will be part of a narrative feature.

Having gone through a 200-pound bodyweight fluctuation for his micro-budget debut independent film, “Most High,” Sader has transformed himself again for “Monday Nights At Seven.” Over the past four years, he has trained with some of the most respected names in fighting including Greg Jackson, Judo and Grappling Master Gokor Chivichyan, and kickboxing icon Benny “The Jet” Urquidez.

Ed Soares, president of Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) and respected manager of Silva, is promoting Sader’s bout in an upcoming RFA event. Sader will be one of numerous matchups on the card, but his bout will be filmed entirely from start to finish for the actual fight scene in “Monday Nights At Seven.”

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