Dana White Addresses Mysterious Phone Conversation with Anderson Silva

Written by Tom Ngo
July 5th, 2013

UFC President Dana White

Mr. Telephone Man, there’s something wrong with someone’s line. While UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva claimed UFC president Dana White (pictured) lied about chatting with him to request a fight minutes after watching light heavyweight champion Jon Jones trounce Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, White says the phone conversation did take place.

However, White was quite vague when addressing Silva’s accusation that he stretched the truth.

“Well, I didn’t say he asked for Jones. I said he called and wants a superfight,” White said Thursday. “Did he specify [if he wants UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre or Jones]? Yeah, we talked. I told the media earlier this week, these guys all get mad when I talk about what we talk about publicly to the media.

“This is the way this company is. This is the way it’s always been. It’s the way it’s always going to be, while I’m here, anyway. Whatever we talk about, I’ll tell you guys. And I know how Anderson is about it. I can tell you this, Anderson Silva wants to fight a superfight, either way. That way (turning his thumb up for a bigger Jones) or that way (turning his thumb down for a smaller St-Pierre).

At the time, White didn’t pinpoint who Silva wanted to tango with, but he made it clear “The Spider” was motivated from what he saw that night at UFC 159. The 38-year-old either felt Jones would violently take away the reins as MMA’s top dog so he demanded GSP instead, or he wanted to test his skills against the skyrocketing superstar in “Bones.”

Silva has been the centerpiece of the two biggest fights the UFC could arrange. While most believe the Brazilian jumping up to challenge Jones at 205-pounds makes the most sense because he’s a dominant 3-0 in that division while competing in the UFC, Silva has opted to aggressively pursue a box office bout with GSP.

Earlier this week, Silva surprisingly admitted he probably can’t beat Jones.

Regardless, this superfight chatter is much ado about nothing, if you were to ask Chris Weidman. The 185-pound top contender has already apologized to White and MMA fans because he has promised to spoil any blockbuster bout involving Silva when he beats the Octagon’s most decorated champion Saturday at UFC 162.

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