Dana White to Fans Claiming Anderson Silva’s Fight was Fixed: ‘F*****g Idiots’

Written by Tom Ngo
July 7th, 2013

Dana White UFC President

Conspiracy Theorists #1: It was blatantly obvious that fight was fixed!

Conspiracy Theorists #2: Of course it was! This way, the UFC can make a boatload of money when they arrange Anderson Silva’s rematch with Chris Weidman.

UFC president Dana White (pictured): “Yeah, the fix is in, you [expletive] idiots.”

Silva entered the Octagon on Saturday night as the UFC’s most decorated champion and MMA’s pound-for-pound king. “The Spider” had more consecutive title defenses with 10 (a UFC record, BTW) than Weidman had professional fights (nine).

There was no way Weidman could serve up the upset special. That is unless the UFC had Silva take a dive, which is exactly what happened – so claims Conspiracy Theorists #1, #2 and however many others there are.

“Idiots who say the fight was fixed, it happened so fast – and some of you said it, and I was thinking the same thing – ‘What just happened? Was he goofing around? Is he still goofing around when he’s down and he’s getting ready to pull guard?'” White said after UFC 162‘s post-fight press conference. “Then they show that replay and you just see him get clipped and his eyes just roll back into his head.

“Yeah, the fix is in, you [expletive] idiots. Oh my God.”

From a betting standpoint, Weidman was only a 2-1 underdog so he wasn’t nearly as heavy of a dark horse as Matt Serra was when he put down a 14-1 odds-on favorite in then- and current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69. However, given Silva’s lengthy seven-year reign on the middleweight division and how the class had become a tad stale, it was a given the conspiracy theorists would come out in droves when Silva was put to sleep.

According to White, a fight’s a fight and anything can happen when that cage door slams shut – even to MMA’s G.O.A.T.

“I’m telling you, man. That’s one of the things that makes combat sports and this sport so exciting is that when two guys go in there, anything can happen. And when it does, you’re like, ‘Wow.’ White added. “Did you look around that arena tonight when he [expletive] lost? The whole [expletive] place was like going, ‘Holy [expletive]!’ People were looking around like, ‘Did that just happen?’

“Imagine what it was like in Brazil when the dude lost. This is one of those moments where people are just [expletive] going crazy. Anderson Silva lost tonight. That’s just one of those crazy moments.”

A crazy moment that the conspiracy theorists saw coming a mile away…

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