Unnamed MMA Fighters Reportedly Linked to Biogenesis

Written by Tom Ngo
July 25th, 2013

Dana White UFC President

Mixed marital arts has gone through a tough performance-enhancing drug stretch over the past couple of years, and things might be getting worse before it gets better.

According to an ESPN “Outside the Lines” report, Porter Fischer, the former Biogenesis employee who blew the lid off one of the biggest PED scandals in Major League Baseball history, there are several athletes from the NBA, NCAA, boxing, tennis and MMA, in addition to other professional baseball players who have not yet been identified that were also patients at Biogenesis.

Porter has access to boxes of documents that contain detailed histories of athletes’ connection to the Miami clinic since 2009. He did not mention any athletes by name, but 2011 NL MVP Ryan Bruan has already accepted a season-ending 65-game suspension and forfeited his remaining salary for the year ($3.25 million) when confronted with Biogenesis evidence.

Braun is still owed $116 million from the Milwaukee Brewers from previous contracts.

Superstar slugger Alex Rodriguez, who is also owed over $100 million from the New York Yankees, is believed to be handed his ban in the coming weeks.

According to Porter, MLB is the only sports entity that has reached out to him for information. So, unless UFC president Dana White (pictured) wants to open up a can of worms, or the government decides Biogenesis warrants a federal investigation, the other names Porter has access to may never come to light.

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