UFC Champs Georges St-Pierre and Ronda Rousey Squash Beef

Written by Tom Ngo
July 31st, 2013

UFC Georges St Pierre

The UFC’s World Tour is not only bringing awareness to the planet that the Octagon will be ending its 2013 campaign in spectacular fashion, but it has also brought an end to the Georges St-Pierre (pictured) vs. Ronda Rousey rivalry.

Just eight months ago, St-Pierre said watching women’s mixed martial arts just wasn’t his thing, to which the outspoken Rousey promptly took exception to. Rousey countered by claiming she doesn’t like watching the welterweight champion fight because he looks to win on the scorecards instead of finishing his opponents.

Well, the UFC’s tour made a pit stop in New York City Wednesday which allowed GSP and Rousey to squash their beef in the Big Apple.

Back in the day, I was not really into women’s MMA because the one I saw, it was [Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino] and she was really brutalizing the other woman,” St-Pierre explained. “With my heart, I felt bad for the girl that was getting beat. Then, things evolved and I see the UFC get the women fighting. I actually saw the fight of Ronda, the armbar, I think she stands out from the other women. She had a nice set up for the armbar, it made me change my mind a little bit.”

Now that the UFC has showcased a handful of female fights, St-Pierre says he has a better grasp on what the ladies are all about. It appears he is now Captain WMMA.

“I’m not against women fighting, it’s just I didn’t really pay attention to it before,” GSP admitted. “Now, it’s part of the UFC and it’s part of my work and I’m in it. I was uneducated on the subject. The fight that I seen back in the day, it was very brutal. It was not calibrated (the French-Canadian may have meant “calculated”). It was one girl basically going through another girl.

“I watched Ronda’s last fight, she almost got choked and then she came back with a beautiful armbar. It was a beautiful display of skill. I’m the first to admit I made a mistake. I was uneducated on the subject.”

That comment brought a smile to Rousey’s cover girl face. The bantamweight champ said she understood GSP’s initial perspective on WMMA and explained why she dissed St-Pierre in response.

“I understood why,” Rousey said of GSP’s disinterest in her craft. “I had a lot of personal evolving to do, too. I have always been an adamant Nick Diaz fan and I was a little bit biased against Georges, I think, because [the Diaz brothers] are such good friends of mine. Now that the [Nick Diaz vs. St-Pierre] fight has already happened, [Georges] did a great job.

“He’s a great athlete and I’ve always had respect for him as an athlete and business man. And, I also said that the day that Georges St-Pierre said he loves women’s MMA, I will say I’m absolutely enthralled every time you fight.”

The two now-former rivals, who were sitting right next to each other at the podium, then hugged it out.

How cute. A match made in MMA heaven.

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