Jose Aldo May Have Fought with Broken Foot Against ‘The Korean Zombie’ at UFC 163

Written by Tom Ngo
August 4th, 2013

UFC Jose Aldo

Well, it appears “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung may not be the only one to leave UFC 163‘s main event with an injury. According to featherweight king Jose Aldo (pictured), he might have fractured his foot after unleashing his very first kick in the opening round.

“When the fight started, the first time I kicked him, he put his knee out. I don’t know if I broke my foot, I don’t know it’s really swollen,” Aldo said through a translator during the post-fight press conference. “We tried to control it in a different way. Everybody already expects for me to be kicking low kicks, but I’m a complete fighter.

“I always try to practice everything, wherever the fight goes, I always try to use all my weapons. I don’t have only one weapon. I have a whole arsenal of weapons.”

Aldo and Jung, who dislocated his right shoulder just seconds before his TKO loss in the fourth frame, both attended the presser. However, they bounced early to have their wounds examined further at the hospital.

Aldo’s foot injury explains why he unleashed only two kicks throughout their shootout. Urijah Faber will be the first to attest to the fact “Scarface” can completely dominate a fight by merely pelting your lead leg with kicks.

After posting his 16th consecutive victory, Aldo limped backstage to celebrate. The greatest 145-pounder in MMA history might have plenty of more time to enjoy his latest accomplishment if his foot is in fact fractured.

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