Kimbo Slice vs. Sean Gannon on October 4th?

Written by Tim Ngo
August 21st, 2008

Kimbo Slice

Josh Gross of SI.com is reporting that EliteXC execs are seriously considering booking a re-match of the most well-known street fight in history between YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice and former UFC fighter Sean Gannon. In the only loss of his unsanctioned-MMA career, Slice would certainly love a chance to re-write history and get that win back, while CBS would have an easy story to sell to bring in some more ratings on their third and final “Saturday Night Fights” broadcast under the current agreement.

There’s no doubt that October 4th will be the single most important night for ProElite after recent rumors of the company’s demise. A strong night of ratings might buy EliteXC more broadcasts on CBS and generate some more revenue for a company that has lost well over $50 million since it’s 2006 debut.

With many smaller organizations in its back pocket, it may be smart for ProElite to ride its biggest horse in EliteXC and see if they can stop the financial hemorrhaging.

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