Noons’ Manager Has Answer for EliteXC

Written by Tom Ngo
August 21st, 2008

EliteXC lightweight champion, KJ Noons, has still not addressed the 5PM deadline that EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw demanded of the fighter. That is ok because his manager, Mark Dion, has spoken out on his behalf. And, he is pretty much telling EliteXC that they can stick that deadline where the sun doesn’t shine.

“The update on [the deadline] is nothing is going to happen with it,” Dion told MMAJunkie.com. “That’s what’s going to happen with that. I don’t care about how many threats [Shaw] wants to pull. We’ll be doing a press conference if EliteXC doesn’t see the light here pretty soon and if Shaw doesn’t stop talking [expletive].

“Forget 5 o’clock,” Dion said. “I ain’t waiting until 5 o’clock. If [EliteXC officials] are holding their breath, then someone’s going to pass out.”

Noons and his camp don’t feel that Nick Diaz is the top contender for the title, therefore does not deserve a rematch. In addition, they feel that EliteXC and CBS are pushing for this rematch so hard because it will be a ratings success for their third promotion together, however will not benefit Noons.

“As far as Nick Diaz, he’s not the No. 1 contender out there,” Dion said. “To [EliteXC] he is. He’s the number one (for getting) eyeballs to (watch) them. They’re pushing on eyeballs versus a career move for a champion like KJ. KJ is really not the one who gets anything out of the fight. Diaz does and so does ProElite.”

Yesterday, Shaw called out the champion for not returning the organization’s calls regarding the fight, in essence, ducking a Diaz rematch. He set a 24-hour deadline for Noons to either accept the fight, or reject it and face puclic scorn.

Noons plans to hold a press conference to address the issues that have come to light, and share his side of the story.

“We’ll do a press conference to discuss everything,” Dion said. “But there’s nothing in it for KJ unless [EliteXC] finally wakes up a little bit. That’s why we’ll have a press conference. I don’t like to talk and beat a company that’s already beat down. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they’ll see the light.”

They believe that Eddie Alvarez is the top contender and that is who they would prefer to fight, however Alvarez has taken some personal time off from training to get married.

“Eddie Alvarez is getting married, but that’s not our problem,” Dion said. “People get married in five or 10 minutes.”

Stay tuned, this is only going to get better.

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