Fedor Emelianenko Takes Out Brett Rogers In 2ndRound

Written by Tim Ngo
November 7th, 2009

WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko gave CBS & Strikeforce exactly what Kimbo Slice couldn’t in his knockout victory over Brett Rogers at “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers.” After sustaining an early cut on the bridge of his nose, Fedor quickly regained his composure and took advantage of Rogers’ lack of big fight experience.

According to Fedor, it was Rogers’ shoddy footwork that he was able to take advantage of in the 2ndRound to finally drop his much larger opponent.

“The main thing is not to be nervous, to take some time during the 1stRound to learn a little bit (about) the opponent and then to look for some (weakness) and then to use it,” Emelianenko said.

Rogers did have a moment towards the end of the 1stRound where he had Fedor on his back and starting raining down strikes, but Fedor was able to take them and get back to his feet.

As the 2ndRound started, Fedor appeared much more comfortable inside of the cage as he dropped Rogers with a powerful right hook and followed up with a couple more strikes on the ground that had Rogers wondering what happened.

After the fight, Fedor said that if Rogers would like a rematch, he would gladly grant it. A visibly upset Rogers said that he would love a rematch and that he wouldn’t make the same mistake the next time around.

“I hate it,” Rogers said. “I’m coming back stronger. I’m so heated I can’t even put it to words, the words that I want to put it to. I doubted myself a little bit. I should have thrown my hands more, a lot more. That’s the only reason I failed today.”

That’s what everyone says after Fedor lays a whooping on them. It isn’t a coincidence that he hasn’t lost in about nine years and has been perfect through his last 27 scraps.

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