Chuck Liddell Looking to Fight Until He's 43

Written by Tim Ngo
August 23rd, 2008

If Randy Couture can do it, maybe Chuck Liddell can as well. In a recent interview with”The Lights Out Show”, Chuck Liddell told the guys that he’s, “hoping in two years I’ll still be saying ‘two to four years.’ I still feel like fighting now and my body is still working now.” The former UFC light heavyweight champion is looking at another shot at the belt he lost if he can get past Rashad Evans on September 6th at UFC 88.

Liddell could also be looking at one of the biggest superfights in MMA history, as recent rumors have been swirling around a possible showdown with middleweight king Anderson “Spider” Silva in December.

Liddell will turn 39 in Decemeber, which would mean he would be anywhere from 40-43 when he plans to step away.

It’s probably a long-shot that both Liddell and Silva will come away in good enough condition to fight with that short of a turnaround, but you never know.

All he wants to do right now is, “go out and win, and win impressively. And then I think it [a title shot] would make sense.”

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