Dana White Comes to Alex Rodriguez’s Defense

Written by Tom Ngo
August 23rd, 2013

UFC President Dana White

Outside of Milwaukee Brewer superstar Ryan Braun, no other Major League Baseball player is as despised as New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Ironically, UFC president Dana White, who is a die hard Boston Red Sox fanboy, came to A-Rod’s defense while appearing as a guest on “Fox Sports 1 Live.”

Granted, White didn’t give A-Rod props for anything he has accomplished on the field, but the assistance the slugger rendered White in getting his health back on track.

“I’m a friend of A-Rod’s,” White proudly stated. “I was diagnosed a couple years ago with Meniere’s disease, which is damage to the nerve, and A-Rod called me and said, ‘I went to this place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Kobe Bryant sent me there.’ You know, you look at the list of athletes and people, Pope John Paul went there, and you have to be referred to this place to get in.

“He referred me to get in and it completely changed my life. So for all the negative things that are on A-Rod right now, the guy has done some good things, too. I like him and have a lot of respect for him.”

For days on end, the debilitating inner-ear disorder forced White to lie motionless in a dark and quiet room until the nauseousness subsided. Although, after a couple of trips to the magical Doc in Germany, White was forever cured from the illness.

And that’s why White hearts A-Rod. Sorry, Red Sox nation. 

Rodriguez is currently appealing the 150 game suspension MLB levied him for his involvement with the Biogenesis clinic in Miami. The facility allegedly handed out performance-enhancing drugs like hotcakes to any professional athlete who was willing to ante up.

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