Abel Trujillo Awarded Win Bonus Despite Controversial No Contest at UFC Fight Night

Written by Tom Ngo
August 28th, 2013

UFC Abel Trujillo

Illegal knee or no illegal knee, that is the question. According to UFC president Dana White, Abel Trujillo (pictured) did not unleash an illegal knee to his downed opponent at UFC Fight Night 27.

White is so convinced Trujillo’s vicious strike on Roger Bowling was legitimate that he’s going to award Trujillo with his win bonus, despite the fact their scrap was ruled a no contest because of the “unintentional illegal knee.”

White shared his generous gesture during Wednesday’s post-fight press conference.

Bowling had one knee on the canvas when Trujillo clocked him with a couple of knees. The first shot connected to the chest, so there is no issue there. The second knee, on the other hand, appeared to nail Bowling in the face, which would be illegal.

The referee was planning on just deducting a point from Trujillo for the unintentional illegal strike, but the cageside doctor called the fight after examining Bowling. The scrap was subsequently ruled a no contest.

On replay, the second knee looked like it tagged Bowling right in the grill.

In his big league debut at UFC 160, Trujillo was paid $8,000 in a loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. His show purse likely went up a little for his second fight, and his win bonus would equal that amount.

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