UFC Won’t Risk Credibility so Vitor Belfort Can Fight in Brazil

Written by Tom Ngo
August 29th, 2013

UFC Middleweight Vitor Belfort

Wednesday night when UFC president Dana White confirmed testosterone replacement therapy-powered Vitor Belfort (pictured) would be competing in Brazil for the third consecutive time, his fourth straight fight outside of America since using TRT, conspiracy theorists immediately started waving their red flags in unison.

‘Here we go again, the UFC is hiding Belfort in Brazil so he can continue to cheat,’ they likely said to each other.

Well, that’s the most “ridiculous” thing UFC president Dana White has ever heard.

“There is no way in f—— hell I would let Vitor Belfort stay in Brazil if he was cheating down there,” White stated following Wednesday’s press conference in Indiana. “There is a commission there that oversees what we do down there, too, it’s not run by us. Vitor Belfort is being tested, and Vitor Belfort is within the limits of what he’s supposed to be when he fights.”

“Vitor doesn’t pick where he fights. He tries to pick who he fights, but he doesn’t choose where he fights. We put him down there.”

White emphasized that Globo, the “second most important media” outlet that offers the UFC, is the primary reason Belfort has been strictly fighting in jiu jitsu country. The Brazilian network knows “The Phenom” brings in big numbers for them, so that’s why the UFC obliges when they request to have Belfort perform in his homeland.

“Vitor Belfort is not cheating, Vitor Belfort is not not being tested. Vitor Belfort is not fighting in Brazil because he can get away with something down there,” White reiterated. “That’s ridiculous. First of all, we wouldn’t do that for anybody. We would never put together a situation where a fighter has an advantage over another fighter.

“You think that we would lie about that and risk the credibility of the sport, the UFC as a brand, so that Vitor Belfort can fight in f—— Brazil and cheat? So, we’re going to flip this whole thing f—— upside down for Vitor, “my best friend.” It just makes no sense.”

Belfort rematches Dan Henderson November 9 at a yet-to-be announced arena in Goiania, Brazil. BTW, it is believed Henderson will also continue his longtime use of TRT for the scrap.

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