Dana White Blasts Tito Ortiz for ‘Slavery’ Comment

Written by Tom Ngo
August 29th, 2013

UFC Light Heavyweight Tito Ortiz

Despite parting ways 13 months ago after inducting Tito Ortiz (pictured) into the UFC Hall of Fame, UFC president Dana White and the longtime thorn in his side can’t seem to get each other’s names out of their mouths.

It appeared as though the two had buried the hatchet when Ortiz hung up his MMA gloves, but the beef has never been hotter since “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” cut his retirement short to sign with Bellator MMA. Things came to a head earlier this week when Ortiz appeared on SINow and likened working for White to “slavery.”

Of course, White had to respond, and he did so in vintage DFW fashion.

“That f—— buffoon,” White said of Ortiz. “How about this f—— moron coming out and saying he was a slave? I shouldn’t even ask that question, if he knows what a slave means because he’s one of the dumbest motherf—— you will ever meet. Seriously. He’s a slave to stupidity, that’s what he is.”

Oh, and let’s not forget about the post-fight press conferences Ortiz used to take over following a win when the former UFC light heavyweight champion was in his prime. No matter how hard White tries, he can’t erase those long-winded rants from his memory bank.

“Don’t you remember sitting through his f—— 45-minute press conferences?” White asked. “Like, you’d ask him a question and he’d ramble on for 45 minutes about s— that made no sense. Then, he’d start talking about, ‘I’m not gonna be that guy that’s staying around too long, getting punched in the head like all these other guys. I’m gonna be an actor. I was blessed with the gift of acting,’ and all this other s—.

“Yeah, he’s acting like a f—— fighter that can still compete now.”

Bellator wasn’t even on White’s radar until they transitioned to Spike TV earlier this year. Now that they are extra chummy with White’s network rival, Bellator, Spike, Viacom and anyone else on that side of the tracks have become public enemy numero uno.

Interestingly, just because Ortiz is no longer in the UFC doesn’t mean White’s days of dealing with him are over. He manages Cris “Cyborg” Justino. So, if the Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg superfight will ever come to fruition in the UFC, Ortiz and White will have to come to terms.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall… 

“Can you imagine trying to do business with that f—— buffoon?” White asked. “Try to have an educated conversation with him. It’s not possible. You can’t have an intelligent conversation with him. I could go to the f—— zoo, go over to the f—— monkey cage and have a better interaction, a more intelligent interaction with the monkeys at the zoo than f—— that buffoon.”

Only DFW could bring the word “buffoon” back to life.

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